​​​​​​​[RSVP] Join us at AppWorks Demo Day #19 - 11/26 (Tues) 12:30 PM

11月19日, 2019

[RSVP] Join us at AppWorks Demo Day #19 - 11/26 (Tues) 12:30 PM





半年一次,AppWorks Demo Day 帶您看見數位經濟最前緣,這一屆,我們將再次帶給您專屬於 AI/IoT & Blockchain 團隊的一場新創盛會。


本次 Demo Day 將有 20 支優秀的 AppWorks #19 團隊輪番登台,其中 16 組以 AI/IoT 為主、 5 組以 Blockchain/Crypto 為主。這群未來之星中有 12 組國際團隊,來自香港、新加坡、印尼、加拿大、英國,及美國等地,有出身自 Google, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, Agoda  的高管,Initium Media 端傳媒的創辦人,以及 Y-Combinator 的校友。


無論您是想找投資機會、合作夥伴,或是想追上 AIIoTBlockchainCrypto 的最新脈動,這都是一場您不能錯過的盛宴,誠摯歡迎所有創投、天使、科技、網路業界先進蒞臨指導。


如果您當天可以出席,煩請於直接於 Demo Day #19  VIP 專屬售票連結 登記取票。

若想邀請同事、朋友同行,歡迎提供活動售票連結,輸入 Promo Code: DD19VIP,即可登記。

我們將在活動前一天提供您報到序號,並預留貴賓席座位、準備個人化名牌。活動當日,我們也預留了專屬 VIP Lounge,讓您與創業者更深入地交流談話。


提醒您,AppWorks Demo Day 活動總是爆滿,請您務必提前到場,方便我們幫您安排最佳的觀賞座位。我們將會準時於 1:00 PM 正式開始活動。


AppWorks’ highly anticipated semi-annual Demo Day is ready to bring you once again founders who are working at the leading edge of rapidly developing technologies in the AI / IoT and Blockchain economies. 


AppWorks #19 consists exclusively of AI/IoT & Blockchain startups. At this demo day, there will be 20 startups pitching, with 16 focusing on AI/IoT and 5 on Blockchain, and including 12 international teams joining us from Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, the UK, and the US. More than half of the founders in this batch are serial entrepreneurs, with many hailing from established tech companies and accelerators like Google, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, Agoda, Initium Media and Y-Combinator. 


Whether you’re looking for opportunities to invest, to collaborate, or to stay abreast of the latest applications of AI/IoT and Blockchain across industries, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss. We extend a warm welcome to all of our friends across the investor community, tech industries, and corporates looking to transform digitally.


Please RSVP by registering the ticket on this link exclusively for Demo Day #19 VIP.

If you have colleagues or friends to bring along, please forward them to the event page. They can register by entering the Promo Code: DD19VIP


This time around, you also get access to the exclusive VIP Lounge to chat with founders who have hard-earned traction to show.


We will reserve seats for you and other VIPs, but as with all AppWorks Demo Days, the house is definitely going to be packed.  Please plan to arrive early for the best seating. We will kick off the event at 1:00 PM sharp. 


[Event page

[Date] Tuesday, November 26, 2019

[Venue] 5F Grand Ballroom, Taipei Marriott Hotel 台北萬豪酒店 5 樓大宴會廳 (No. 199 Lequn 2nd Road, Taipei / 台北市中山區樂群二路199)



12:30 - 13:00      Registration

13:00 - 13:30      Opening Remarks

13:30 - 15:30      Startups Demo

15:30 - 17:30      Open Floor (exclusive access to VIP Lounge)


We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Yours Truly,

Jamie Lin, Founding Partner & Chairman of AppWorks and Team AppWorks


Event Coordinator: 

Alyssa Chen | +886-952-162-706 | alyssa@appworks.tw



Alyssa Chen

6F, No. 178, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Taipei City (Map
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